The Picture Gallery

This is my SOLAR T41 installed on a John Deere 110 garden tractor
The name of the tractor is THE DEERE HEARD due to the extreme sound.
The T41 was an easy adaptation due to its governed speed of 6,000 RPM

This is my Allis Chalmers 710 with a Garrett GPT30 installed. Much more mild
mannered than the T41, it can be run with hearing protection as an option. My
favorite engine I call this my ORANGE YOU SPECIAL.

This is a close up view of my Golden West Model's FD 3/67 powered
RC car engine. Note the screen over the intake area to protect against debris.

OK, so you knew this was going to happen! I just wanted to be first. Actually, this
idea came from an e-mail friend, Dwight, out in Idaho. This is my Sophia J450 on
a Micro Scooter. I purchased this engine used with bad bearings. I replaced them
and have been running it on propane. The J450 puts out 12 pounds of thrust at
125,000 RPM. Now don't get excited and accuse me of child endangerment, this
is just a joke, OK? But, I still bet someone will try it, probably Dwight.

This is my Budworth, a British creation dating from the 50's.
Little is known about this engine. It runs quite well on propane.

This is my collection of pulse jets. The one 4th from bottom with the red head on the left
is my old Dyna-Jet that started my collection about 40 years ago. The engine at the top
is really called a pressure jet, but it does cycle a bit like a pulsejet and the U shaped
one below the BIG pulser is called a folded pulsejet. Since it produces thrust from each
end, by having a 180 degree bend, the thrust is compounded in the same direction.

This is my attempt at building a turbojet. It is a reverse flow design and fired-up and
maintained a good flame-front but succumbed to draggy bearings. It was built using
an automobile turbo-charger, various pieces of stainless cookware, and parts of old
stainless steel thermos (vacuum) bottles. I have a video of the turbine destructing as
pieces of molten metal flying out the exhaust. Watching the video of it's demise
always lifts my spirit. (humor)

This is all the things necessary to run a Golden West's FD 3/67. Included is the starting
propane, the modified hair-dryer, ground support unit (gives Rpm, exhaust temp.,and
fuel pump voltage), plus all the RC equipment to operate the steering, throttle, and brakes.

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