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Welcome to Turbine Fun.Com
Check out Larry's exotic turbine boat project. Also, he has one of the most
extensive collections of links to all kinds odd and exotic turbine and jet projects.

Ian Bennett in the U.K.
Nice gas turbine web site from Great Britain

John Williamson
Another good British gas turbine site

Avon Aero Supply
The company that got me started with my own turbine

Mark Nye
This fellow knows his "stuff" about home built turbines

Eric's Turbine Boat Project
A new link to a fellow turbine enthusiast

Mark's Turbine Car Pages
One Lucky fellow that drove the Chrysler Turbine Car

Chris Krug's Website and link to YouTube
Home of the afterburner jet kart and Gas/Turbine powered mini van
To see Chris's videos of his projects, click on theYouTube logo

Crazy Jet-Powered Vehicles
I am not even close to this crazy........Yet. Check it out

R/C Don's homebuilt twin shaft Turbine Engine
See pictures and a video of Don G's turbine powered utility tug
one of the most unusual and well planned projects I have seen

Adrian Bennett's Site
A fine collection of turbine engines PLUS a VW pickup truck with a
RR Nimbus for power. Also jet powered go karts to add to the fun

Paul Stender's Site
King of the jet powered vehicles

If you are having an Airshow or Grand Opening, this is the guy to go to.
From jet powered port-a-potties to a 300+ mph school bus, jet ATV,
jet motorcycle, beer truck and pickup. He has 'em all.

These fellows are building a jet pack (belt) that has four small turbojets
making 400 pounds of thrust to fly a man James Bond style.
Also have a few other jet powered vehicles they are working on.

Other worthwhile links to pursue...

Lee Hodgson's Radial Engine Site
Purchase plans and castings for really nice radial engines and stern wheeler engines

National Cigar Corporation
Home of some of the best cigars I make for the cigar smokers of America

Erickson Motors
Check out their most unusual full expansion engine

Writings for Chameleons
The wit and wisdom of Kenneth J. Wolf, friend and mentor
(I am placing a disclaimer on his choice of music)

RC Cars Guide
A Site about model hobbies. Includes model rockets,
remote controlled planes, cars and more.

RC Car Tips
Another Site with very helpful information and advice on
radio controlled cars and trucks.

RC Truck Site
Information about RC Trucks, Nitro engines, and
radio control topics.

RC Cars and much more
Xenon Project International, Inc. has a nice Website
where you can order many types of RC products and accessories.

In Honor of Miss Ward's elementary class
A Kid's Space Center-Fun with Model Rockets
A great motivator to get children interested in science and rocketry

In Honor of Sarah Roberts' Boy Scouts
The History of the Steam Automobile
Her Scout Troop has suggested this interesting Site about
the history of mobile steam power

An interesting Site about the history, use,
and function of Steam engines.
This Site was recommended by Joy of the Apple Creek Historical Society

Maddie has found a great resource
on model rocketry.
This Site is for maintenance and technology of model rockets

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Drop TurboJer an E-mail and let me read your comments


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